Is this a thing? Not yet, but letś make it one!

Is Walking Beneficial?  Extremely!!

This simple activity has powerful advantages. If done consistently and correctly it can be a key factor in being healthy. It can help to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lose weight, and boost memory.

It can help your mood and relieve stress and tension. Help fight Pandemic Fatigue…….. Is All this Possible With Walking?  Absolutely!
Walking is easy and we have been doing it since we are about a year old! It requires NO

The key to ¨ Walking for your Health¨ is to be consistent and keep to a schedule. Are you getting the Walking Wednesdays idea now? It is the middle of the week so we are into our daily routine and it is a perfect day to spice it up ! Choose a time and incorporate it into your day. It is something that can be done with someone else and easily by yourself. If you are not an exercise person or one who does not walk much….. Start slowly. Adjust this activity to your age, your health and the weather. A walk around the house a few times still falls under the category of ¨ walking.¨ Just KEEP YOUR BODY IN MOTION.

If you are able, walking outside around the block is a great start. Build up to more blocks for longer walks. Maybe every Wednesday do an errand and walk there. If you need just a few items at the grocery store choose a grocery that is further away from the house and walk there. Just don´t buy cookies when you get there!

Even if you do not walk WITH someone tell a friend or neighbor and get them started as well!

                                                       Letś get moving!

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Jeff Bitter

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