Your Health Is Our #1 Priority

As a new client or a continuing client TELEHEALTH has proven to be very successful for treatments when In Home visits are not an option or in addition to those treatments.

As a continuing client this service will allow you to move forward with progress that you have already worked hard to achieve.

As a NEW client, we can do an evaluation and determine the identity and cause of your pain. We can, then, teach you strategies for managing your condition and reducing that pain.

We will work with all of our clients to develop an exercise program designed especially for you and your specific concerns.

TOGETHER, we can alleviate some stress.

Call to schedule a TELEHEALTH appointment & let us continue to make YOUR health OUR PRIORITY.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About CustomFit Concierge Medicine in Chicago and the surrounding areas...


“I call myself ̈ Body by Jeff ̈. For 3 years now Jeff Has helped me. What he has done to help me conquer my neck cannot be put into words.”


“Jeff has put me back together. I am so thankful for his healing hands and positive and encouraging attitude. Miracles happen because of people like Jeff and Susan.​”