1. Recognize and Accept Your New Normal
Although there are many adjustments to be made setting our minds to this environment it is better for the mind and the body to embrace this time and make changes. When we put these in place we can have them in place on a day to day basis.
2. Keep To A Schedule
If we get into a daily pattern our mind and body will have less stress. A routine is easier on the soul than making adjustments every day

  • Wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day.
  • Do one meaningful activity a day.
  • Keep specific work hours and make a separate work area.

3. Do One Form of Exercise A Day
Depending on your level of exercises you can keep it to simple stretches to total planned workouts. Dr. Jeff Bitter has been making ​weekly exercise videos t​o be done in your home. They do not require any special equipment and are appropriate for all exercise levels.

Those videos can be found here

4. Don ̈t Ignore Pain!!
We can still help you and lessen the pain! We are offering ​TELEHEALTH SERVICES ​to everyone.  Call us now to hear how CustomFit Concierge can help relieve your pain.  MAKE THIS STAY AT HOME EASIER!

5. Continue Your Physical Therapy Treatments or Start Physical Therapy NOW!
TELEHEALTH allows you to keep progressing towards a healthier, less painful lifestyle during this new normal. Do Not stop treatments just because we cannot come to you at this time.

6. Stay Healthy Through Nutrition and Activity

  • A Body in Motion Stays in Motion
  • Plan nutritious meals and snacks.
  • The more you stay on a healthy diet, The more your body will adjust to this new everyday life

Call Us Today and Arrange a Telehealth Visit Keep Your Mind and Body Active and Relieve Your Pain 


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