Golf Performance

It Does Not Matter....We All Want To Play Better And Feel Better

At ​CustomFit Concierge Medicine, Health, Fitness ​, we offer, through Telehealth, a One on One Customized GOLF FITNESS PERFORMANCE PROGRAM around your specific golf swing! You could ​play better ​and ​feel better!

We Help Improve Your Game And Your Health

Dr. Bitter is a Physical Therapist certified by the ​Titleist Performance Institute.​ We offer the expertise to help golfers IMPROVE their performance while decreasing their aches and pains.

This Program Promotes Injury Prevention

Every golfer at any level can play better! We examine the mechanics of your swing and we can make a connection between your physical limitations and that swing. We utilize science based conditioning.

We evaluate the deficiencies in your movement to design and implement the optimal plan to reduce pain, improve performance and prevent injury!

We provide the latest in Golf Specific Health and Fitness.

Play Better And Feel Better

​​We are offering a special 6 week Telehealth Return to Golf ​​Fitness Performance Program

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“The combination of Jeff’s experience as a doctor of physical therapy and his knowledge of the golf swing is the difference. He listens…and knows what to target to get you on track. I am finally swinging a golf club again pain free and could not be happier. The telehealth feature is incredibly convenient – and eliminates my most common excuses for not working out. Now, if only Jeff could make some good swings for me!”

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