Golf Courses are Open! Improve Your Game and Your Health!

We have all been staying at home for what seems like an eternity. We finally received an invitation to go play golf ! What inspiring words…. This seems like just what we could use right now. It offers green grass, fresh air, exercise and spending some time with a friend. Letś not forget we can be out of our house and away from the kitchen! Even people that have not golfed in a while are considering themselves a golfer! It is just what our bodies are craving. 


Although we do promote exercise and even consider exercise as ̈ medicine ̈ being sedentary for so long could present some health challenges when you rush out to play your first round. Knee pain, back pain and shoulder pain can accompany your first outing! Just as you would start an exercise program as a beginner and work towards an intense program golf should be considered in that same exercise category.

At CustomFit Concierge Medicine, Health, Fitness we can prepare you to PLAY BETTER AT ANY LEVEL. We offer our expertise to help golfers improve your performance while decreasing your aches and pains. Our aim is towards INJURY PREVENTION. Sounds like a win win!!

Our physical therapists have been certified by the Titleist Performance Institute. WHAT??? That is a big name for an excellent concept. With this expertise, we can connect and examine your physical limitations and pains to the mechanics of your golf swing.

END GAME….. We evaluate your body movement to improve performance! What could be better….. More enjoyment and less pain.We are offering a 6 week Telehealth
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Call for more details and to book an appointment….. Then book a tee time!


Jeff Bitter

CustomFit Concierge Medicine, Health and Fitness

"We Provide Private In-Home Concierge Physical Therapy To Achieve A Pain Free Active Lifestyle"​

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