An “Expert” Voice on Seeking Physical Therapy

As the writer of this blog, I might have taken ¨ liberties¨ with the term expert. By putting quotes around it I figured I am now justified! Yes, I work for CustomFit Concierge Medicine, Health and Fitness. I have observed many treatments, spoken to many clients, before, during and after their course of treatments. I have heard many praises, and have witnessed many success stories. Seeing is believing…. Being an actual client has really been life changing . Now, as the above mentioned ¨ Expert ¨ here are 6 things that I have learned through my unintentional first hand knowledge.​1. MOST PAIN JUST DOES NOT GO AWAY ON ITS OWN
am sure I am not alone with my daily thought that this unexplained shoulder pain would just go away. I am not ashamed to admit, but I HATE exercise! I can stick to an exercise routine two weeks tops! Covid 19 started within my latest two week exercise gig. The pain in my shoulder came on suddenly and steadily the pain increased. I tried to ignore it thinking it would go away on its own. It worsened and my arm became incapable of performing!

As it turns out I was diagnosed with a ¨ frozen shoulder ¨ I began Physical Therapy right away. My Initial Assessment was all about the ¨ WHY ¨. My therapist determined what the problem was and how to treat it. I started the exercise program he designed for me and in a very short time I could see an improvement. I needed and wanted the full use of my dominant arm so I was very determined. Even though I was not an ¨exercise person “ I felt encouraged to do the exercises that my Physical Therapist had given me. He explained everything and told me the reason and the positive effects each one would have on my recovery. This was not something I had googled….. It was specific to me!

This horrible shoulder pain began right when Covid 19 started and we were all quarantined, Many of our clients were doing Telehealth and were having success. My first Telehealth visit made me a believer! I felt like he was actually in my home! He was able to take measurements ( do not ask me how ) and know the exact range of motion that I was capable of doing at the start. Each week he could measure the improvement very scientifically! I felt this was truly a one on one In Person visit. I did and will continue to do Telehealth and feel secure in getting excellent results.

It is so important to find a physical therapist that will implement a plan of care specifically for you ! It must incorporate your age, your exercise ability, and your mindset. My therapist started slow and I was never overwhelmed or found anything too difficult. We discussed EVERYTHING. In the end I knew my plan of care was just for me. It was something that I was going to do and see results. It was not a program for every client. I once years ago went to a therapist and without asking a lot of questions asked me to do an exercise 100 times within my first 5 minutes….. Are you kidding???? I did 3!!! I could really only do 2 but 3 is my favorite number! I never returned for a second visit…..

Yes…. I repeat….. Do your homework!! If you slack off one day, do not let that influence the rest of the week. Some days will be better than others. It is ok….. The next day though, make it all count! I still would not call myself an exercise person, but it has been a month and I have seen incredible progress! I know my personalized Plan of Care was designed to HELP ME GET BETTER AND AVOID FURTHER PROBLEMS! Are you suffering from aches and pains that are not improving? Are you waiting for them to JUST go away?

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Jeff Bitter

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